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Name: Mike
Location: Boston Washington, DC
Wish List: Yes

Choizilla is a creative diversion of short entries, pictures, and link text.

To find out more, read a sampling of favorite posts or the interview by Claire Zulkey.


  • Married to Jen.

  • Climbs stuff made of ice and rocks.

  • Started CrossFit training in late 2006.

  • Enjoys live indie and jazz music.

  • Infected with Boston's Red Sox obsession. Plays baseball. One in ten sinkers thrown is a nasty, bat-breaking pitch. The other nine are crap.

  • Once a chef. Now an eater.

  • Collects masks from all over.

  • Laments selling his guitar. Rejoiced afer receiving a newer, improved Ovation guitar.

  • Drinks black coffee before any hope of conversation.

  • Will eventually quit smoking -- your nagging aside. Jan 20 makes it one year.

  • Thinks that being a Shaolin monk would be cool except for the training, dedication, and renouncement of worldly possessions.

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From time to time, serious link rot occurs. Apologies.


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07.02.05 - Brent's & Jen's Wedding

07.03.05 - G4 Summit, Badger boycotts

07.03.05 - Phillies vs. Braves - L 3-4

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